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The Building and Construction Agency is responsible for the registration of EPB Assessors and Inspectors and for the ongoing management of the EPRDM and iSBEMmt. EPB Assessors and Inspectors are independent professionals.

The EPC Portal contains information regarding the EPC requirement.

The rating methodology used to produce the EPRDM and iSBEMmt ratings reflected in the certificates incorporate standard occupancy assumptions and a range of technical judgements based upon the views of expert organisations regarding the energy efficiency impact of various building components and attributes. A building’s energy rating may change over time due to many factors including deterioration or modification to the fabric of the building, changes to the cooling or heating systems incorporated into the building or changes to the way in which buildings are rated.

A building’s energy rating is only a guide to its overall energy efficiency. Actual energy usage and energy efficiency will depend on how occupants operate the building.

The Building and Construction Agency does not endorse or guarantee the ratings of EPB Assessors.

The Building and Construction Agency does not warrant and accept any legal liability whatsoever arising from or connected to, the accuracy, reliability, completeness or merit of any Energy Performance Certificate or any material or advice provided by EPB Assessors.