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Information on the EPC Portal conforms to guidelines designed to help easy navigation.

All pages are set up to allow access by versions of any browser ranging from IE3.02 and further as well as IE based browsers. 

The following information will help you understand what standards we have applied to the site and how to deal with certain file types.


The EPC Portal has a text navigation section on the top of the screen. There are no graphical navigation buttons within the no frames environment as they are unnecessary devices which can in many cases be more of a hindrance than a help. The text links include a description box informing the user where the link will go. This can be viewed by placing the pointer over the line of text.

Site Specification

The EPC Portal has been designed with all users in mind. The standard outline guide for the site was for an SVGA resolution monitor (800 x 600) using 256 colours. The site is quite useable with specifications lower than this.

Browser Compatibility

The EPC Portal has been fully tested on a number of browsers on the majority of existing computer operating systems. The B.C.A. uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to format the textual information within each page. Only browsers from version 4 upwards fully understand CSS formatting.

Printing Pages

Any page can be printed from the web by the user selecting file, print from the menu option within Microsoft IE or Netscape.

Bookmarking Pages

To bookmark a particular page the user selects Favorites, Add to Favorites from the menu option within Microsoft IE or Bookmarks, Add Bookmarks in Netscape.


To complete a search the user has to enter a word or collection of words into the text search box. Pressing the return key or clicking on the search button will present the user with a listing of documents which correspond to the search details. These results will be rated, the most complete matches will be listed first, decreasing in relevence as the user goes further down the list.

Saving Pages

Any page displayed on your browser can be saved to your local drive. Select File, Save as from the menu option within Microsoft IE and Netscape.


Some pages within the cimu.magnet.mt service are in other formats other than HTML or ASP. These are PDFs. To read these files the user requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Total Document Size

It is important that individual files remain small on the web so that download times for a user are kept to a minimum. A single page should never be larger than 120k in size. This is not a figure confined to the ascii text (HTML or ASP file) but must also include the file sizes of all files contained on that page as well (.gif, .jpg, etc).